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Why Double Archangel?

Mikael and Gabriel are my names and there for Double Archangel or DA Design, is the game!

Mikael, "Mike" or "Miku" Grönblad CEO and founder

of Doublearchangel design Enterprises

Hello I am 33 y.o. man from Helsinki Finland.

I founded MJGD in August 2016 registered September 2017 and have been Freelancing for other companies before this in about 3 years.

The Firm change name and got its own domain in late march 2018. Now my enterprise is called Double Archangel design or DA Design for short.

My passion lies special with design:

  • branding and rebranding

  • logo design

  • print design

Art, both digital and traditional, games and tattoos. But I also make websites and web shops as a front end devoloper.


I have a B.M(Bachelor in media) from Arcada University of applied sciences, 2020 and aim for M.A(Masters of arts) in Helsinki University in the future.

All art pieces are my own or my co-founders and are copyrighted or shares the Creative commons tag. 

I make Photoshop and Illustrator, vector art-pieces and websites, tattoo designs both digital and drawings but also other graphical related stuff such as posters and booklets and other print design. I also make Videos, animations, game design and almost anything related to media.

I also take photographs, mostly landscape photography but also other related stuff.

My graphics related work can be found on instagram

You can find some of my doodling and projects in Instagram plz go follow me there!

Also I have a gallery of my photographs (not client work) on a second account in instagram please go follow this one if you are interested in what I photoshoot:

Feel like you want to help me out but don't have work for me right now?
You may help me out through the following links to get my startup rolling better.
or simply helping with gear I need for everyday work:
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More about me you find by clicking next link

You can find some of my art at (also the first art pieces I ever done digitally) at:

These are the tools I use mostly


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Indesign


Adobe After effects


Adobe Premiere Pro

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