Week 3 weapons!

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Now we are talking! So this week I started the week just making some easy mockups of the weapons I am to include in the game. I used photoshop and these pics are just draft made in under an hour.

I started with making drafts of the blunt weapons and light shooting weapons.

So this includes a :

wooden plank

baseball bat


knife of some sort

a kitchen knife

Magnum or some sixshooter

normal Beretta/Glock handgun

and a Uzi

After these I made the "heavy weapons":

Double barrel shotgun

Pump action


Ak47 Kalashnikov

And a L96 sniper rifle

I also decided to add RPG and a M246 Light machine gun to the mix.

So the weapons design looks like the following


Ranged combat

And heavy weapons

Here a picture of the whole Armory for City of Mayhem

That's all for now. Anyways thank you guys for following my project and be free to leave comments on anything!

Until next time!

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