Weapon animations

There you have it! Animations of my weapons! ...

No but lets go trough what I actually made.

So starting with the small guns

First we have the Uzi that contains only 4 frames and 2 of those have a bullet springing out! I made the frames fast, so you get the rapidfire feel to it.

The second one is a normal gun, glock if you will. This one is made of 5 frames.

Last but not least of the "small" guns we have the magnum 44. This one I made with 6 frames and put o little "kick" in two of the frames.

Next up Assault weapons

First up we have the mp5, slightly slower than the Uzi but the animation is basically the same, except I changed the muscle flash a little.

Second is the famous AK47 Kalashnikov also made the animation pretty much the same as mp5 slightly faster and with a little kick!

Double barrel and pumpaction shotguns are next. These two have basically the same animation in a slight different order since one shoots rapidly and the second with a stronger kick.

Last set of weapons I have for you guys are the heavy ones!

Starting with the MG m249 this one took quite the effort to make. I have 12 frames in all where I made the bullets to rotate as the firing pin jumps up and down. Also I put a kick in the whole weapon to get that heavy feel of it.

Next up is the bolt action L96, huge muscle flash as the caliber is huge too and reload is implemented in the animation.

And lastly we have the RPG with 10 frames having the cone lunch as the kick comes from the rear.

Guess that's that then!

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