So week 2

As for the project the next modells I made was the Bots and Vendors aka AI characters in the game.

I made two vendor characters. The first one is a tattooed guy chillin in the totalled city.

The second vendor character I made wear a hazmat suit and mask, its the era of post apocalypse after all.

These vendor characters will be 1 or 2 depended on the size of the level, on some random spawn, to be found. All vendors will sell a variety of weapons and a player is able to sell own gear to him as well.

First bot character is a zombie version of the earlier man character.

And here is the second zombie NPC character.

First female version of the zombie NPC as well.

And last but certainly not the least, the second female zombie version of BOTs in the game.

These zombie characters will spawn in waves as the game starts and it's up to the players if you work together or not taking them down.

Anyways 2nd week of work was still pretty easy and I had in my mind already plans how to confront the project.

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