Now then week 1

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

I had already some ideas of what kind of characters to make to the game but it was still little blurry. Anyways I thought why not make 4 different player characters that all have some differences and on these for modells have an ingame customization.

The game itself has a theme of some kind of near post apocalyptic era and there for the designs develop around that theme.

Since I decided to make this game in Game Maker studios The characters need a sprite sheet, when movements come in play but for now we will stick to just the vectorized designs.

So first you need to have the idea, and after you got it pick it all apart! What I mean is to make characters one needs to make the bits and pieces that the character consists of. The picture shows female character development, and yes this is one of the stereotype "bimbos" in the game (I am truly sorry if I offend anyone, this is not my meaning, also she is fictional!)

Anyways, I made some guns and played around with the design alittle to see what outcome there is. These are made in Adobe Illustrator and are all vectorized.

So next up mail character. So as before with the female character I here also made all bits and pieces and just put together one of the many options that are available.

So finally I made all character bits I will need for my player characters, so if you like legos you probably have fun making game graphics, otherwise well lets say, this is just the scratch on the surface how much bits and pieces needs to be done!

I end this part with the four different character designs

Here is the first female character. Sporty female character with double bun hair. Probably that ambitious teen girl who F**** up everything when the world ends.

Second female character design. First I thought "steampunk" would be cool, well then I thought that's so "mainstream" in post apocalyptic eras so why not just Punk then!

The first male character, with a helm and kevlar west. Probably that Mc Klein type of character who thinks he is a soldier (Not as cool as Die Hard ofc!)

Last but certainly not least! The some larger second male character. This could be a street thug of some kind.

Anyways, I will post more o this project as it goes along. For does who has seen pictures on Instagram, yes I am already in week 9 of the project, but I will keep this blog updated with at least two posts per week until I am up in the current work progress state.

Please leave comments I you feel like it! All inappropriate will be deleted, but creative feedback is always welcome!

Thank you and until next time!

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