Hello ladys and gents. I am Mikael Grönblad, a 34 year old man from Porvoo Finland. I am a graphics designer and CEO of Double Archangel Enterprises. My speciality is branding and rebranding but I also do graphics design elements for single projects. I have a passion for both art and photography to. 

My native tongue is swedish and finnish but I also talk fluent english and some german.

I have always liked to draw and paint since a little boy. My grandmother who was a really artistic person, thought me how to draw with color pencils for example fire, with all shading techniques starting with lighter colors like yellow and amber and from there slowely go to red and maroon colors and even dark brown, already when I was only 4 years old. She taught me stuff that art classes teaches students in their later years of art study, like shading, blending and so on.

Who am I, the graphics designer who can make your idea, come true

My art classes in school has been amongst the highest degree for me always. This with wood and -metallhandicrafts included.

I have gone through some art classes but I am mostly self thought.

Graphics design is something I got acquainted with in later years after practicing lots of different professions, like truck driving, constructions, sales aso.

So it all began back in 2013 when I was studying tourism in Haaga-Helia Porvoo and got an assignment to make a logo. This was for our idea that we pitched in the group assignment. So I grabbed my Adobe Photoshop CS6 and started to make a mockup of a logo (back then I had no idea how to use illustrator). I presented my mockup for the team and when it got approved I made a clean version of it. Without knowing I had done my first customers work in graphics design with two revisions until approval.  This was a hand luggage bag that flew in the air with some simple clouds in the background, cant remember the slogan in the logo.

As I got the feels for designing other projects in the same school, I started to make tattoo designs for some tattoo artists and even private persons who asked if I could draw up an idea they had. I started as a small time freelancer selling my art for a small fee on the side of my real job. The tattoo artists pitched some of their customers ideas to me and I made a tattoo drawing instead of them taking up lots of their time drawing an idea from scratch. They now got a artwork to make a stencil to work from directly.


2014 My life gone through some really rough times and I had to mentally force myself into a new life situation(wont get in to detail on my personal life, but lets say I had a really bad breakup from a long relationship, I hated my job and I couldn't live in my home city because of too many bad memories). So what I did, was I decided to study a new field that had to do with Graphics Design in some way. This led to my Bachelor studies in Media  2015 and I became a bachelor of media may 2020. These studies was in Helsinki in Arcada University of applied sciences, so I decided in September 2015 to move to Helsinki, to Arabiaranta, where I later also founded  D/A Design. 

I founded MJGD or Maximum JND Graphics Design 2016, when I had lived and gone through school for one year. The name of the firm, is made from the letters in my full name: Mikael Johan Gabriel. The Logo was made with the idea that the pen is more mighty than the sword and I tried to implement this in the letter "J".

My old Customers got puzzled with the new email and I realized this logo maybe looks nice but the name (sry for being so blunt) Sucks! Still my idea of rebranding my own firm only stayed as an idea for over 2 years. I kept doing my graphics design and got a wider client base the sametime as i developed my graphical skills and did research in branding and logos and so on. The firm got registered in the finnish small time entrepreneurs register in 2017 and it also got its own domain 2018, Doublearchangel.com. I also came up with the slogan "Your imagination, my limit ration" that has the spelling error of the word "limit ration" as a play on words for an amount of imagination limit ratio is none existant for me.

The name of the firm change names to Double Archangel Design and this is based on the two of my main names, Arch angel Michael and Arch angel Gabriel, as only a graphics related firm and later on Double Archangel Enterprises, as I started to bring my own photographing, video editing and websites, Branding to the business.

As the company progressed, so did also the design of the firm that later become a full brand. Next up how the logo went from MJGd to D/A Design. 

Maximum JND Graphics Design - 2015-16

Double Archangel Design - 2016-2018

Double Archangel Enterprises


Double Archangel Enterprises Brand D/A Design 2018-Present day

The new logo made more finesse with gradients and slogan 2019

The Double Archangel logos final form is based on the letters "D" and "A" with a font called Archangel with the style Regular. These two letters are divided with a slash mark made of a vectorized tablet touch pen(one of my most used tools) followed by the trademarked slogan "Your imagination, my limit ration". This logo can be found on my merchandise such as snapbacks, shirts of different kinds, hoodies, stickers and so on.

The logo has variants of a white(also used as watermark) a black with and without slogan and the ones above in the brands two complementary colors of PMS 144c and PMS 2736c (Clear fresh orange and indigo-navy blue) 

Please note that I have payed for all licences required for this logo and it may not be copyrighted without permission!

So Who am I

So now when You know a little about my firm and education I will go on rambling about myself. So 33 years old soon 34 (i guess I have to update this part every year..oh well sidetracking here!)

I am a DIY kind of man who owns a golden retriever. Let me introduce to you Tuxi my other and better half! She is the world to me and when I am not working or doing other hobbies, I spend my time playing and taking care of my little golden heart. She is also quite photogenic and likes to model for the camera.

DIY? So yes Do it yourself kind of guy. As I told about myself earlier, I have a broad history of both driving big machines and working on constructionyards (I basically have the knowledge and know how, to build a detached house from scratch to finnish).

I like to make and repair stuff and have my own workshop in my garage where I make what ever. Repairing home appliances to computer components and mechin on my car or motorcycle, you name it! 

If you notice on the picture of my workshop, you may be seeing a motorcycle in the picture. Well congratulations you found out one of my hobbies before I told it to You. Motorbiking. I have been a MC since 2008 and own mopeds before that. The beauty you see on the picture is a 2003 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior and it is my dream bike!

Doublearchangel on his  dream bike

Picture taken by Alessandro Ituarte

And there you have it guys, some basic info about yours truly. You can find my timelapses and tutorials coming up on my youtube channel clicking this link: YOUTUBE

  If you for some reason want to follow my private life you can do so on my private instagram account through this link, MikeG86 othervice business enquiries can be done by pushing one of the buttons!


Thank you for your time and I hope we can be in business together soon!

Link to my webshop and other services


Double Archangel Enterprise

VAT: FI28537686


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