Miku Grönblad CEO 

"Your Imagination, my limit ration"

Hello I am 34 y.o. man from Helsinki Finland.


I founded MJGD in August 2016 registered September 2017 and have been Freelancing for other companies before this in about 3 years.

The Firm change name and got its own domain in late march 2018. Now my enterprise is called Double Archangel design Enterprises or D/A Design for short.

My passion lies with branding design, art, games and tattoos but I also make websites and web shops.


The reason why I use wix as my own webpage is because i like the grid system and it is simple. I have studied media Bachelors and follow it up with media Masters probably in Florence Italy or University of Helsinki due to COVID-19.


All art pieces are my own or my co-founders and are copyrighted or shares the Creative commons tag. 

I make Photoshop and Illustrator, vector art-pieces and websites, tattoo designs both digital and drawings but also other graphical related stuff such as posters and booklets and other print design. I also make Videos, animations, game design and almost anything related to media.


D/A Design has change its outlook and became a brand 2019.

You can find more about me by clicking the next link


You can find some of my art at (also the first art pieces I ever done digitally) at: https://www.deviantart.com/doublearchangel

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Double Archangel Enterprise

VAT: FI28537686


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