Miku Grönblad CEO 

"Your Imagination, my limit ration"

Hello I am 33 y.o. man from Helsinki Finland.


I founded MJGD in August 2016 registered September 2017 and have been Freelancing for other companies before this in about 3 years.

The Firm change name and got its own domain in late march 2018. Now my enterprise is called Double Archangel design or DA Design for short.

My passion lies with design, Art, games and tattoos but I also make websites and web shops.


The reason why I use wix as my own webpage is because i like the grid system and it is simple. I am studying last year of media Bachelors and follow it up with media Masters probably in Florence Italy.


All art pieces are my own or my co-founders and are copyrighted or shares the Creative commons tag. 

I make Photoshop and Illustrator, vector art-pieces and websites, tattoo designs both digital and drawings but also other graphical related stuff such as posters and booklets and other print design. I also make Videos, animations, game design and almost anything related to media.

More about me you find by clicking next link


You can find some of my art at (also the first art pieces I ever done digitally) at: https://www.deviantart.com/doublearchangel

Business Enquiries & Art Orders:

maximumjnddesign@gmail.com or Facebook:


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